Unveiling EVO Japan 2024: Prize Pools, Game Lineup, and Matsuda's Leadership

Unveiling EVO Japan 2024: Prize Pools, Game Lineup, and Matsuda's Leadership

Some big announcements regarding EVO Japan 2024:

Notably, this edition introduces a fee for tournament participation, a strategic move aimed at sustaining Japan's largest esports spectacle while enhancing the overall competitive experience.

Let's see Check out the Game Lineup

EVO Japan 2024 will showcase:

Granblue Fantasy: Versus -Rising-

Guilty Gear -Strive-

The King of Fighters XV

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Street Fighter 6

Tekken 8


Each of these games will be played on the PlayStation 5.

Mr. Taeaki Matsuda's New Position as Chief of Tournament of Operations of EVO Japan 2024:

EVO Japan 2024 marks a significant transition with the appointment of Mr Matsuda, Head of legendary arcade Game Newton as the chief of tournament operations. In an insightful interview, Mr. Matsuda, expressed his dedication to ensuring stable and seamless tournament operations utilizing his decades of experience in organizing on the behalf of competitive fighting games.

Matsuda elaborates on the pressure and responsibilities associated with being in charge of such a monumental event. His role involves decision-making in critical situations, guiding the overall direction of operations, and prioritizing the player experience. With confidence gained from years of running competitions, Matsuda reassures participants that measures are in place to address potential challenges.

In a final message to potential participants and readers, Matsuda extends an invitation to join EVO Japan 2024, assuring that despite the introduction of a fee, the event remains committed to delivering an engaging and enjoyable competition for all attendees.

As esports continues to rise globally, Matsuda sees EVO Japan 2024 as an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and contribute to the vibrant world of fighting game competition.

Read the full interview below

格闘ゲームは終わらない――EVO Japan 2024運営委員長,松田泰明氏に聞く大会運営への意気込み
2023年12月1日,EVO Japan 2024 実行委員会は,2024年4月27日に開幕する「EVO Japan 2024」の大会運営委員長に松田泰明氏が就任したと発表した。古くは闘劇など,これまでさまざまな格闘ゲームイベントを運営してきた同氏に,就任した経緯や大会運営に対する意気込みを聞いた。