The Future of Tekken 8: What we're looking out for

The Future of Tekken 8: What we're looking out for

Tekken 8 stands out not only for its impressive visuals but also for being one of the most entertaining Tekken titles from a spectator’s perspective. The game manages to strike a balance, offering deep gameplay for seasoned players while introducing elements that appeal to a broader, more casual audience.

The game is a hit– here are some of thing's we're looking out for in 2024

Eddie Gordo: Spring 2024

Eddy Gordo revealed as first fighter for Tekken 8's Playable Character Year  1 Pass, releasing spring 2024

A highlight of the upcoming months is the release of fan-favorite Eddie Gordo in spring. With a new design and motion capture, we're eager to witness how this iconic character will be seamlessly integrated into the Tekken 8 universe.

The anticipation is palpable as we await the specific release date.

Future DLC Characters: Speculation and Expectations

Ancient Ogre (Tekken)

Beyond Eddie Gordo, the Tekken community is buzzing with speculation about the remaining DLC characters scheduled for this year. With releases planned for summer, fall, and winter, the mystery surrounding these additions has heightened interest. We're anticipating inclusion of Ancient Ogre, and guessing a winter release. The major tournaments throughout the year, including EVO, ComboBreaker, and CEO, are expected to unveil hints and possibly even character reveals, adding another layer of speculation. Who will be revealed as dlc?

Story Mode Extension

Tekken 8: How to Get the Alternate Despair Ending in The Dark Awakens

Could there be a story mode extension for Tekken 8?

While the current narrative is enjoyable, there’s speculation about the introduction of additional chapters or updates to keep players engaged. Questions arise about the longevity of the current story mode and how Bandai Namco plans to unfold the narrative in the years to come.

As we step into the future of Tekken 8, excitement is palpable within the community. From upcoming DLC releases to major tournaments, the year ahead promises to be a transformative one for the fighting game genre. With Tekken 8 leading the charge, the fighting game community is poised for its most popular year yet. Keep an eye out for announcements, reveals, and the continued evolution of Tekken 8 throughout the seasons. The journey has just begun, and the world of Tekken awaits its next chapter.