Y2K Aesthetic Institute: Arcades in 1993

Arcades beyond your Imagination. Architecture by Shotenkenchiku-Sha

One of our favorite digital curators is the Y2K Institute. They often share fascinating designs and aesthetics from the late 90s and early 2000s. Recently, they shared some images by Shotenkenchiku-Sha circa 1993 of various “Amusement Facilities”— most notable is the first image in their recent tweet (Image 1, Game Park “Wonderland” — also featured above).

Within the realms of Arcadism, we acknowledge that Arcades don’t necessarily have to be dark and gross facilities, eventually being torn down. Hopefully, these images inspire us to build more beautiful arcades in the future, or at the very least more beautiful designs as it pertains to architecture and interior design.

What is clear, but perhaps rarely said, is that the 90s were likely the real golden age for Arcade design. Many of the Arcade facilities worldwide varied in their capacity to inspire feelings of calm and imagination. Not all arcades and their cabinets are created equally. But what is important is that these spaces, and more specifically, these images, can hopefully help us see a future with arcades. These photos from 1993 appear to be more futuristic than many public spaces seen in the past decade and beyond.

Check out Y2K Aesthetic Institue to learn more about varying aesthetics and identities throughout the years.


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