Sep 9 • 8M

World Warriors: An Interview with Roxas and Jack Stillo

Russian and Syrian Street Fighter 6 Players Unite in Malaysia at FVMajor2023

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Mike Ross and Roxas

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Welcome to a great conversation that transcends borders and brings together two passionate Street Fighter 6 players from diverse corners of the globe.


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In this impromptu interview, we meet Roxas, hailing from Russia, and Jack Stilo, representing Syria, as they share their unique insights on the vibrant world of competitive gaming. Amidst the backdrop of Malaysia's FV Major event, these players reveal their love for Street Fighter, their hopes for the future of fighting games, and their experiences as international competitors. Join us as we dive into the global arena of esports and explore the dreams and aspirations of these two dedicated fighters.

Xian and Jack Stilo
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