The Clash of Old and New: Zangief vs. Marisa in Street Fighter 6

Great footage from a highly anticipated game changing title

Mar 25, 2023

The much-anticipated Street Fighter 6 has the global fighting game community buzzing as Capcom reveals gameplay footage featuring classic and new characters. The latest release showcases iconic Russian wrestler Zangief against newcomer Marisa, highlighting stunning graphics and an evolving roster.

Zangief returns with a revamped moveset, making him more mobile and formidable against faster, zoning characters; while the new character Marisa, an Italian jewelry designer, brings a unique blend of coliseum combat and crippling strikes, using venomous counters to create an oppressive playstyle.

The Next Capcom World Tour:

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The next Capcom World Tour, with a $2 million prize pool, is set to draw a variety of players, eager to prove themselves as the ultimate Street Fighter champion. Fans can expect to see the full potential of Street Fighter 6's roster unleashed in thrilling battles.


Street Fighter 6 promises an unforgettable experience with captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and a well-balanced roster. As Zangief and Marisa's face-off shows, Capcom is committed to delivering an unparalleled fighting game experience. Keep an eye out for Street Fighter 6 and the upcoming Capcom World Tour as they redefine the world of fighting games.


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