The Anti-Fightstick Fightstick Club

Creative, Mark "Markman" Julio collides Streetwear with Fighting Games

Markman23 is one of the most central personalities in competitive gaming in the past few decades. He is constantly offering his voice, perspective, knowledge, and expertise to strengthen a community of passionate fighting game players.

Mark has a long history of developing arcade fightsticks, commentating, and facilitating biz dev for iconic fighting game tournaments like EVO.

He also has a mean sneaker collection; being a sneakerhead, it’s only natural that he would have his hand in fighting game-inspired streetwear merch as well.

The career of Markman is extensive, but for today, we bring attention to his Anti-Fightstick Fightstick Club merch, a spinoff of the well-known LA streetwear brand AntiSocialSocialClub. It’s really dope. Check it out below.

Each image brandishes an arcadestickβ€” a common weapon for fighting game players.

The capsule release from Markman is just a small peek into his passion for sneakers, streetwear, and fighting games. We see Markman as an Arcadist, constantly exploring new ways to cross-reference his interests. We hope his work inspires you as it inspires us!

Cheers and Follow Markman23 on Instagram to see more of his awesome collection!

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