Tekken 5 & Tekken 6 Vinyl Gets a Release Date

Laced Records plans a 2022 release of coveted Tekken Soundtracks


Laced Records (in collaboration with Bandai Namco) is scheduled to release the iconic Tekken 5 (2004) and Tekken 6’s (2007) soundtracks on wax in March 2022.

Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 both continued to innovate 3D fighting technology, and Tekken 5 is particularly known as a classic amongst the fighting game community.

As with previous installments of the Laced x Tekken vinyl releases, Esports Legend and Tekken mastermind Ryan Joseph Hart curate the tracklist for both T5 and T6, respectively.

It’s really awesome that Ryan Hart is continuing the legacy of Tekken through gameplay as well as art and music.


Our Top Picks

As a celebration of the soon-to-be-released collector’s items, we leave you with two favorites from both the Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 soundtracks.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection OST - “Online Menu”

An Ambient Escape… Listen to this song while relaxing, cleaning, or meditating.

If you like that song. Consider a very similar song by Mr.YT entitled Souvenir

Tekken 6 OST - Mystical Forest

A Fantastic Transformation. Enjoy this upbeat but natural, solarpunk-Esque, heroic dreamscape.

Thank you for reading. What’s your favorite Tekken song?

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The TEKKEN 5 and Dark Resurrection soundtrack vinyl comprises aggressive electronica, rock, nu metal and percussion-led music put together by an army of composition and arrangement talent.
All music has been specially mastered for vinyl by Joe Caithness, and tracks will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs. The tracklist has been curated by four-time Guinness World Record-holder, multi-game world champion and all-round fighting game community legend Ryan Hart.
In keeping with the vinyl series so far, this set features brand new vinyl sleeve artwork by illustrator Samuel Donato aka DXSinfinite.
This Limited Edition variant features rust-coloured galaxy effect discs and is exclusive to the Laced store. LPs come in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.