21 Years of Tekken Tag [North American Release]

A Love Letter to One of My Personal Favorites.

It’s really been 21 years!?

…I remember playing Tekken Tag Tournament for the first time like it was yesterday….

I already loved Tekken 3 (1996) like most people who were lucky enough to own a Ps1. But when Tekken Tag came out, it basically took everything that I loved about the series and ramped it up to 10. Tekken allowed you to choose not 1, but two characters and swap between the two during fights.

This game had some awe-inspiring graphics for the time, and the competitive tournament play for this game is still fascinating to watch all the years later.

But what I love most about the game (besides the colossal roster) was the incredible dramatization of everything. I loved the game’s opening cinematic so much that I even made a video about it explaining how they were able to pack so much emotion into just a short clip (watch below)

Then there’s the game’s original soundtrack. Absolutely stunning, a masterful body of music…

The soundtrack had beautiful and unique arrangements for both Arcade and Console versions of the album, which featured electronic, acid jazz, and fusion elements worth studying or working out. Just listen to this song and tell me you’re not inspired to go for a run or be creative!

Tekken Tag Vinyl (Curated by Ryan Hart)

If you want to be inspired by some gameplay. You should really check out this mirror match between legend Ryan Hart (UK) and Qudans (South Korea)! EVO 2005 TOP 8 Grand Finals! What a great match from two insanely great players! Videos like this are a true gem!

Tekken Tag will be my favorite game of all time for the foreseeable future. If you want to see/learn more about the game, our friend Arya Tayebi (That Blasted Salami) has an incredible video breaking down the game’s mechanics in 4k! (see below)

Do you have fond memories of Tekken Tag? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear if you enjoyed this game too!

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