Is the Future of Gaming Almost Here?

Street Fighter V on the Steamdeck

As you probably already know. Valve’s PC-powered handheld “Steamdeck” is slated for release in December of this year.

Steam Deck has just released a playable demo of Street Fighter V as an M.Bison player pulls off a combo, canceling into Ultra.

We saw Valve release this image (above) earlier this year— suggesting that plugging your fightstick directly into your portable Steam Deck is a lightweight option for doing battle just about anywhere.

Of course, the Steam Deck isn’t built exclusively for fighting games, but for PC games in general. Still, it will be really nice to see if the Steam Deck will be a useful tool In enhancing on-the-go tournament play for esports, emulation of classic fighters, and anchoring unique arcade set-ups. If the Steam Deck delivers on its promise, I reckon this will be one of the most impressive releases in consumer hardware in a very long time.

I have a PSvita (released in 2011- discontinued in 2019) and while I don’t play it often, it is one of my favorite devices in my collection. It’s awesome to know you have a super-powerful handheld computer that is perfect for playing just about any old-school game (or PSP game) you can think of (+ Bluetooth, wifi, web browser, dedicated community etc etc.) It’s nice to just chill out on the sofa sometimes and play a couple of minutes of Megaman X4.

The Vita is still an impressively built system and I can’t wait to see where the Steam Deck takes the fighting game community and the esports community, at large. Handhelds may be making a strong comeback.

If it’s all the hype, I’ll definitely be picking one up.

It’s an amazing time to be a player.

(check the video below)

Will you be getting the Steam Deck this December?

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