Feb 9, 2022 • 1HR 7M

Shoot Off-Screen to Reload! w/ Christian Davis

Restaurant owner and arcade enthusiast creates buzz with his newest fighting game rugs! [Full Interview]

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[note: podcast episode contains some profanity]

Black-Owned Restaurants | Flavors From Afar

Christian Davis is the owner of critically acclaimed LA resturaunt Flavors from Afar, a restaurant with a good cause.

About: Flavors From Afar

  1. Food with a cause supporting refugees

  2. Each month,They select an asylum seeker to be featured and work directly with the resturaunt’s head chef to create a cutlurally authentic, restaurant-quality menu.

  3. Each featured chef is given work experience and a portion of the sales.

Even though he may appear to have his hands full in the food business, Christian also makes time to lead the new lifestyle brand Official S Tier. They’ve made a ton of buzz by releasing limited edition gaming-inspired rugs.


Naturally, Arcade Press is a big fan of S tier projects and we’re glad to see that they’ve gotten praise and co-signs from some of the biggest personalities and publications in gaming.

Takeyouforarug fullbody.jpg

We even covered them during their Marvel Vs Capcom 2 drop and it become one of our most viewed articles. ⤵

See The Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Rug Sweeping the FGC
STier has just dropped off the official images of their very first product. It’s a custom, hand-made Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 rug that is set to release just in time for the #FREEMvC2 campaign. Fans of the 2001 classic Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 are banning together and using the #FreeMVC2 hashtag to get the classic fighting game MvC2 a modern release (as it has be…
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Here at S-Tier we have an emphasis on high quality products based around the arcade era and video game industry.
The items you’ll find here are NOT novelty.
They will be made to last so you’re proud to own them, display them and use them.
Thanks for hanging with us.
-Official S Tier

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