SEAL The Beginning x Tekken? (1991)

In 1991 legendary pop artist Seal released his debut album “Seal”— the third single titled “The Beginning” (127 BPM)

The song sounds very similar to Tekken 2’s character select theme music titled “Are You Ready?” released in 1995 (124 BPM) Listen below

Besides the similarity in beats-per-minute. The song also uses similar percussion grooves as well as synth-pads.
Of course “The Beginning” by Seal features a more arranged instrumental with more moving elements but it could be possible that the Tekken sound team was inspired by the global powerhouse that was Seal.

If you’re not familiar with how amazing the Japanese sound design team was for Tekken- consider checking out Dj Mengzys timeless breakdown of the Tekken 3 soundtrack. Mengzy explores all the cultural influences that helped make the Tekken soundtrack possible.

I’d be willing to be that the similarity between the Seal song and Tekken OST is not a coincidence.

What do you think? Do the two songs sound similar to you?

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