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Ryan Hart: Fighting Game Esports Champion Featured on BBC Radio 5 Live with Adrian Chiles

The Art of Gaming

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In a recent interview with BBC Sport, Ryan Hart, a five-time Guinness World Record holder and multiple world champion, shared his insights on the world of esports and fight-based video games. Known as one of the godfathers of esports, Hart's journey began in the 1990s with Street Fighter and led him to numerous championships and accolades.

Ryan Hart - King of Fighters Champion 1997.

Hart describes gaming as "like a musical instrument," emphasizing the importance of mental strategy, cunning, and skill in his battles. He also opened up about the intense rivalries within the gaming world, likening them to those in boxing or UFC.

Hart with various trophies.

From a difficult upbringing to a career in esports, Hart's story is both inspiring and eye-opening. Today, he is a Twitch partner, commentator, pro player, and Creative Production Editor at ESL, the world's largest esports organization.

Arcade Press Podcast: Ryan Hart, Legendary Esports and FGC Pioneer
Listen now (126 min) | Listen to the Full Interview Above. In case you’ve been totally out of the loop; Ryan Hart is a fighting game legend and is quite possibly the original professional sponsored gaming competitor. Hart, now holds 6 current Guinness World Records, over 400 tournament wins globally, and was nominated UK esports player of the year in 2016…
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