Sep 13, 2021 • 50M

Reepal "Rip" Speaks: Tekken, Arcades, and QUAKE 3 Arena

After nearly 12 years of "Level Up Your Game", Rip still finds a way to give back to the Tekken community.

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Everyone knows that Tekken doesn’t actually teach you how to play the game, but in 2009, Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo started making insanely detailed Tekken 6 tutorials.

With the help of hosts Aldrin "TRUE!" Espinosa and Michael "MYK" Kwon the “Level Up Your Game” Imprint was born.

“Level Up Your Game” (LUYG) started as a youtube series where several hosts would gather around a desk to talk about the fundamentals of Tekken titles. LUYG even added special guest hosts to evolve the discourse around advanced techniques in Tekken.

As the series and the technology around it proved to be taxing, Reepal discovered new ways to provide the same level of high-quality content to Tekken fans worldwide. From competing as the infamous Marshall Law (a fighter obviously inspired by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee) to commentating and leading the pack in Tekken content creation, the LUYG imprint has maintained a strong presence over the decade.

Rip himself has dedicated countless hours to the Tekken community, whether it’s placing top 8 at EVO, live streaming his matches, or the ongoing, fan-favorite BOOMcast podcast series where he discusses everything Tekken with some of the best players in the game.

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Check out the exclusive and in-depth interview with the only Rip as we learn about his Arcade genesis, his first experience with Tekken, and his love for the 1999 FPS classic Quake 3 Arena. + hear his predictions for the future of the Tekken franchise.


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