Remembering Tohru Okada

The creator of the iconic PlayStation sound has passed away

Feb 23, 2023
Tohru Okada, Creator of PlayStation's Signature Sound, Has Died at 73 - - Time News

The world of gaming has lost a true creative talent with the passing of Tohru Okada, the Japanese musician who was responsible for the creation of the iconic Sony PlayStation logo sound (video above). His work has touched the hearts of so many 90s kids and his compositions have become synonymous with feelings of comfort, imagination, motivation, and nostalgia.

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Okada's contribution to the gaming industry is not limited to the creation of the PlayStation logo sound. He also composed a song for the Crash Bandicoot commercials in Japan and contributed to classic Nintendo RPGs. Additionally, Okada served as the keyboardist for the influential Japanese rock band, The Moonriders. The band's other co-founder, Keiichi Suzuki, created music for the ultra-cult game, EarthBound, as well as for its prequel, Mother.

EarthBound - Wikipedia

News of Okada's death has been confirmed by his bandmates and multiple Japanese-language sources. He died at the age of 73 from heart failure on February 14, following hospitalization for a compression fracture last year.

Although Okada's most notable work is the creation of the iconic sound that accompanies the appearance of the PlayStation logo, he has also composed the score for Satoshi Kon's award-winning anime film, Tokyo Godfathers. Okada's impact on the music industry is significant and his contributions will continue to be celebrated for many years to come.

Original PlayStation Startup Intro (PS1)(PSX) - YouTube

The band members of The Moonriders planned to honor Okada during the Hyde Park Music Festival in Sayama, Japan, where he hoped to perform after his hospitalization. However, the festival has been cancelled due to his passing. Nonetheless, the band will continue to honor Okada during the event.

We have lost a remarkable talent in Tohru Okada, and his influence on the world of gaming and music will never be forgotten. His unique creations have touched the hearts of so many, and his legacy will continue to live on as a testament to his artistry and innovation.



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