KUMAGUMI: Discover Japan's Arcade-Focused Streetwear Brand

Kuma”(熊 / Bear) “Gumi”(組 Group) is one of the few companies educating on arcade history through street-style.

Images Courtesy of Kumagumi

Japanese clothing company Kumagumi is making plays. The brand not only works to support arcades in Japan but is also environmentally sound. Their Products use only water-based ink and are produced/shipped based on the order's region (U.S shipment for USA/international orders, and Europe Shipment for orders closer to the EU.


But they also have an incredible collection of designs with plenty of products to choose from. There are very few arcade-related streetwear style brands globally, so to finally see one dedicated to the Japanese arcade scene is refreshing.

Each design is a call to Japanese gaming culture or is a totally original hand-drawn design by artist Arthur Ortega, known for his watercolor illustrations of traditional Japanese architecture.

GAME INN NAHA II - Arthur Ortega for Kumagumi

The designs and materials used are comfortable, light, and perfect for summer— yet the designs stand out and are subtle calls to arcade brilliance to those in the know. (Plus, I’m excited to get my hands on the hoodies in time for fall.)

From the Arcadism perspective, the brand focuses on the relationship between the east's video arcades and their origins with historical Japanese architecture.

This is something that we love to highlight on Arcade Press: Kumagumi represents that architecture and arcades can extend beyond simply their physical space; they can also tastefully represent the clothes we wear and the lifestyle we decide to adopt. (while styling combos on the competition)

Kumagumi’s attention to detail as it relates to culture is essential to the transforming arcade scene. If you’re lucky enough to have an arcade, local esports scene, or group of friends online, consider wearing Kumagumi to the next meet.

Wearing the white Kuma Cap as I write this…

Check them out and learn more about how they got started.


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