Jul 15, 2022 • 35M

Interview with Kenny Vang & The Vang Pro Pad Revolution

A new fightpad for a new generation of fighters. V.A.N.G stands for Virtual Athlete Next Generation

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Listen to one of our best interviews yet!

Fabricator and inventor Kenny Vang talks with Arcade Press about the life journey that brought him to make a brand new Arcade Controller format for fighting games.



Kenny tells his story— using gaming as an escape from abuse as a child being locked in a cellar by his mother; he found his solitude in gaming; he started learning how to take things apart at an early age and would sneak to play games. Kenny eventually studied art and taught himself how to build arcades and develop his own games. Kenny even made a Mayweather vs Pacquiao video game and a Conan o Brien Gameboy title that Kenny gifted to Conan in Chicago.

A new Fightstick layout? 👀
The new VANG PRO PAD was seen at CEO recently. Apparently, Kenny was using his new tech to showcase a demo for fighting game players who were at the event…
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The Conan o Brien game by Kenny Vang

“The only way you can have a peace of mind is that you forgive.” - Kenny Vang

Kenny Vang and Floyd Mayweather Sr at the Gym.

“If you don’t know your mother or your father…you still have to forgive them..”

check out the full interview above. The VANG PRO PAD will be released to the world soon.

Sorry for a long update, perfecting this propad and more.
I'm telling you guys, this is a masterpiece...just wait.


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