Sep 6, 2021 • 41M

Josh Tsui Speaks: Film, Midway, and Arcade Culture

Film producer, art director, and game industry vet details his work with early Mortal Kombat titles + the transformation of Arcade culture since the 80s.

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Josh Tsui recently released his critically acclaimed film “Insert Coin,” which chronicles the 90s arcade run for Midway games in Chicago. These games (most notably Mortal Kombat) allowed Josh Tsui to have a hands-on role in helping shape the gaming experience for millions of players worldwide.

As an artistic director for early Midway titles, Josh wore many hats in the studio. During that time, the blueprint for making fighting games hadn’t been developed, so Josh did a bit of everything, even becoming an in-game face in several Midway titles.

Josh Tsui as Liu Kang (MK4 - 1997)

In this in-depth Arcade Press interview, Josh explains what drives him creatively, the differences between the game and film industry, and the future of arcade culture.

Check out the interview and connect with Josh on Twitter.


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