J-Music Ensemble : Video Game Music + Soul + Jazz + Funk

Jazz covers of your favorite games by J Music Ensemble

At the top of of this month J-Music Ensemble took the Fighting game community for a ride with the live Sax cover for Tekken 7’s Infinite Azure stage. If you love Soul music and/or video games…you’ve got to check this band out.

It even inspired Joe Muntal to add a drum track to the J-Music original!

But my personal favorite is the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 “Swamp Theme” cover! The copious amount of funk and soul in this version released by The Consouls is just too good to be true!! Listen!

Of course, his incredible performance was shared by the larger FGC scene including some of the heavy hitters in esports! Keep up the great work, Pat! We hope to have you on the Arcade Press Podcast to talk music and gaming! Keep bringing the soul.

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