Halo Infinite is Incredible

Download the game. Play the game. It's Free

I’ve been a fan of Halo since the Halo 2 days back in 2004. The Halo series felt like the days of co-op and split-screen multiplayer shooters were finally back from the old days of N64’s 007 Goldeneye

Video Game Song of the Month- Halo Infinite
Enemy aircrafts arrive at your base. Aliens deploy; equipped with armor, tanks, guns, and one objective: To ensure you never leave the secured area alive. Halo 3’s 2009 installment: Halo 3: ODST introduced a co-op PvE mode called “Firefight” In Firefight, you attempt fight off a nearly endless amount of hostile alien covenant through a series of rounds…
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I’ve been playing the game on PC and it’s visually stunning. The game feels responsive and fluid. It’s really just an all-out masterpiece.

The multiplayer beta is out now for free so download it and hop in a match with friends. It’s got crossplay. You won’t be disappointed.

Haven’t played the game yet? Check out this awesome PvP montage from DARTH PurP edited by Firestorm. Enjoy! (Don’t worry the video has plenty of slo-mo!)


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