The Smell of Victory

TBS Writer Arya Tayebi gives us a brief review of the Guilty Gear Perfumes

Author, Arya Tayebi (Founder of That Blasted Salami) is usually contributing to the fighting game community with stellar gaming tutorials; showing newcomers the basics on how to navigate one of the most complex and competitive gaming communities on the planet.

Still, Arya finds time to give us an occasional peek into his personal collection.

This time, he gives us a very brief review of the official Guilty Gear fragrances.

It is very unique for a fighting game to venture into the world of fragrances, but it gives us confirmation of the influence of Arcadism and its relationship to lifestyle.

We expect to see even more unique and lifestyle-focused collaborations in the future. Fighting games will become more a part of the cultural zeitgeist as they did during the iconic Street Fighter II Turbo days of 1992.

A side note: Check out one of our personal favorite videos about London-based- Perfumer H.

Imagine a sleek video like this regarding phenomenal fragrances based on arcade culture, anime, and fighting games.