Evolving Arcades - The Path Forward

Some Encouraging Words, Questions, and Arcadism

Greetings Arcadists,

We are here at an unprecedented moment in history. Among the many serious issues happening globally, there is also a question regarding the future of gaming and arcades. Though this issue of gaming may seem trivial in comparison to others, it may also be a reflection and answer to societal questions. So I will pose a few more questions hoping that it will inspire within you a new path of thought.

As we’ve talked about earlier this week, publications are pushing the usual verbiage: that arcades (and many other public spaces) are done forever.

Considering this, I urge us not to think about gaming and arcades as a means of disposable entertainment. I urge us to think about arcades as places of understanding, sharing, developing, and building.

We’ve mentioned in previous newsletters that the origin of arcades is deep and derives from its relation to Parisian architecture (this study and discourse otherwise known as Arcadism).

Video arcades, as we know them, will likely transform throughout the years to come. But I ask you to consider these questions;

how can the notion of arcades and the notion of discourse around games, inspire your communications and perspectives in other areas of life?

How can the importance of gaming be an anchoring concept to how we see the world?

Do you believe that gaming is merely fun? Or is it something more for you?

For me, with its deep relation to architecture, commerce, and utopia, I cannot help but be inspired to think about the power of the crossover— the power of the combination.

I think good arcades can be a reminder of the importance of accessibility and the commonality amongst people.

I am reminded of the importance of style and aesthetics that these elements are necessary to evolving practice in various studies around the world.

The arcade is a temple. It is a symbol of our eternal relationship with technology. As the world changes, let’s be proactive in learning how we gather, how we remain accessible, how we share, how we learn, and how we play.

Keep Exploring. Have Fun.

Warm Regards


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