Dec 4, 2021 • 15M

Enter Arcadia. The Blueprint for Arcadism and Big Ideas in Gaming 🧠

Arkhaives is Back with another episode exploring the ancient origin of Arcade Culture!

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A couple of months back I published an essay on Arcade Press that talks about the true origin of Arcades being related to ancient greece (Arcadia)— you can check out that post below.

The True Origin of The Arcade
The subject of Arcades and Arcadism is multi-faceted and deeply interlinked with other areas of study. Perhaps the most notable points of interest concerning arcades pertain to the very word itself. The term "arcade" contains the french root "arc" relating to an "arch" or "bow: This would make sense when we think of the first Arcades, being simply a ser…
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Well this time, Arkhaives at Midnight lends us a hand in explaining the history in a bit more detail. Listen to the full episode above or watch the full video below.

Arkhaives also adds some notes on Arcadia by talking about how Esports could be transformed and shaped to protect the legacy of professional players.

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