2 Brand New Fighting Games on the Horizon -- DNF Duel/ Project L !

Which game are you more excited for?

DNF DUEL via Arcsys

A brand new fighting game from Arcsys has been revealed in an official trailer. The game is based on the Dungeon Fighter RPG game. We still don’t know the official release date of the game or what platforms it will release on.

The game does feature hyper-fast,flashy combat and a beautiful art style similar to the Guilty Gear series developed by the same company.

PROJECT L via Riot Games

The Cannon brothers are perhaps best known for being the creators and founders of EVO, the biggest and most significant fighting game tournament in the history of the sport. They recently joined Riot games a while back and started leading development on a League of Legends fighting game. League of Legends is known as the largest esports title globally. See the footage and official announcement below.

Which game are you more excited for? Project L or DNF Duel?

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