Bombshell: The Live-Action Anime Girl Who Disappeared From The Spotlight

Apollo Smile a Legend of Anime in America

May 1, 2023
Apollo Smile (1998) comic books

Do you remember Apollo Smile? The self-dubbed live-action anime girl who hosted anime movie nights on the Sci-Fi Channel during the summer of 1998? She was the blonde multi-talent that introduced us to movies like "Buddhist Yazada's Beautiful Dreamer" and "Galaxy Express." Her quirky and charming personality captured the hearts of anime fans across the globe, but where is she now?


Animerica March 1997 - Apollo Smile and The Vision of Escaflowne

Apollo Smile, born Paula Anne DeMonico, started her career as a singer, even having a song in the Tom Cruise movie "Days of Thunder."

However, her career took a turn when she became the Otaku dream girl next door. She attended conventions like Dragon Con and in Amazement, entertaining crowds with her singing and martial arts abilities.

Apollo Smile | sjmck | Flickr

Apollo's career included voice acting for both Japanese and American cartoons and playing the iconic character Ulala in the Sega video game Space Channel 5.

Ulala | Space Channel 5 Wiki | Fandom

But then, she seemed to vanish from the public eye. It wasn't until fans discovered her involvement in a new band with her husband that we began to understand her disappearance. Apollo Smile and her husband now perform as a musical duo called Wingbeat. No longer the live-action anime girl, Paula Anne DeMonico and her husband Dominic seem to be enjoying a quieter life in Alabama, playing music together.

The story of Apollo Smile serves as a reminder that not all stars crave the limelight forever. Sometimes, they choose to step away from the spotlight and live a more private life. We may not know all the reasons behind her decision to retire from her anime idol lifestyle, but we can appreciate the impact she had on fans during her time in the public eye.

Apollo Smile – Apollo Smile (1991, Cassette) - Discogs

As we continue to explore the ever-evolving world of anime and fandom, let's take a moment to thank Apollo Smile for the memories she gave us and wish her the best in her new chapter of life — the multi talent is still a creative genius!


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