The Father of the Video Game Industry Nolan Bushnell To Release His First NFTs

After almost 50 years of Atari, The Founder releases a series of Legacy Arcade NFTs.

The first two games ever made by Nolan Bushnell remade for a digital world…


The co-founder of Atari and Steve Jobs’ only boss will auction his ‘genesis’ collection on MakersPlace, the premier NFT marketplace for digital art.



This series offers immersive videos + augmented reality (AR) experiences inspired by two of Bushnell’s earliest and most iconic creations: COMPUTER SPACE & PONG

NFTs are pushing the evolution of atoms to bits, from physical to digital. People have collected atoms in the form of playing cards, collectibles, and art for  many years, and now, as the world becomes increasingly digital, NFTs allow us to collect bits. I am honored to work with MakersPlace to share some of my initial works: Computer Space and Pong.”

- Nolan Bushnell


  • The MakersPlace release offers ownership of five original, immersive videos, which take the viewer from the arcade and into Computer Space (both single-player and two-player versions) and Pong (both table-top and arcade versions). 

  • Each of the five NFTs comes with ownership of a one-of-a-kind augmented reality (AR) experience, which allows the owner to place a full-scale rendering of their console in any environment – be the only one to put the original Pong in your living room, share your Computer Space console on social media, and beyond.

  • The Arcade OG Series will be offered in a combination of auction (for editions of one), limited editions and open editions, with prices starting at $250. In addition, the winner of the 1/1 Pong will receive a visit with Nolan Bushnell to the Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles, while the winner of the 1/1 Computer Space will receive an unopened Atari 2600 console signed by Bushnell. 

The Arcade OG Series opens for bidding on at 3:30pm Pacific Time on October 12.

Bushnell created his collection with his frequent collaborator Zai Ortiz – the celebrated creative director whose work is highlighted by cutting-edge technology in Hollywood visual effects (Mission Impossible, Iron Man), as well as interactive game development.

“Nolan Bushnell is a true legend who has been pushing the boundaries of our collective relationship to technology for decades. Computer Space and Pong launched what is today a $150+ billion industry, and we are honored to celebrate his first great achievements in gaming by presenting his first NFTs on MakersPlace, inspired by those very arcade games. We look forward to sharing Bushnell’s genesis collection this September with our community, as well as new NFT collectors who want to acquire a piece of Bushnell’s incredible legacy.”

-Dannie Chu, MakersPlace CEO and co-founder