Arcadism Sounds: Telepath - 私の愛はあなたの心に常にあります

Virtual Dream Plaza (仮想夢プラザ) and the Ambient Vaporwave Realm

In order to get inspired by a potential arcade future, there must be some utopic tunes in the vault ready to be spun at a moment’s notice.

During the evenings of summer, I like to wind down listening to t e l e p a t h (テレパシー能力者) This particular album entitled 仮想夢女の子 (Virtual Dream Girl -2016) has a total of 32 tracks in and is several hours long. It is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and is one of the greatest Vaporwave releases ever to grace the internet. I first came across this collection from the likes of Vapor Memory, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Telepath’s 仮想夢女の子 is a timeless album, one that is sure to chill the mood of any hectic space. In these wild times that we live, enjoy a dose of nostalgic optimism with this spaced-out, utopia collection.

Song featured: 私の愛はあなたの心に常にあります (My love is always in your heart)



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