Apr 27, 2021 • 2HR 6M

Arcade Press Podcast: Ryan Hart, Legendary Esports and FGC Pioneer

The most in-depth Interview with one of the all time Champions of Tekken, Street Fighter, and Competitive Fighting Games.

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In case you’ve been totally out of the loop; Ryan Hart is a fighting game legend and is quite possibly the original professional sponsored gaming competitor. Hart, now holds 6 current Guinness World Records, over 400 tournament wins globally, and was nominated UK esports player of the year in 2016. Ryan Hart was the highest-ranked UK player on the Capcom Pro Tour Global leaderboard for years 2014 and 2016. Hart has worked as a presenter, TV host, Esports commentator, and provides consultation and expertise in the field of digital entertainment for a variety of clients around the globe. He's even curated several limited edition Tekken vinyl records.

Number don’t lie; and even though Ryan could retire from the scene and cement his legacy, he still finds the time to spread his story and his philosophy of gaming. Co-host @SPCEKH and I were eager to learn what it must have been like to grow up during the peak of competitive arcade gaming in London. In this very in-depth and exclusive interview with Arcade Press, Ryan Hart “The Prodigal Son” holds no punches.

Ryan takes us through the streets of the late 80s/early 90s of London, the rapidly growing UK Arcade scene, how Street Fighter changed the world, whats next for the future of the FGC, and what’s the most solid fighting game of all time…

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