Arcade Press gets a Makeover

A new homepage, a new format + more Arcade stuff

Hey there fellow Arcadists,

Welcome back to AP.

Good news:

We’ve redone our home page (it looks even better on desktop— go check it out). ⤵

The Arcade Press homepage 2022

Basically, you’ll be able to find even more content on our homepage. It’s more of a magazine, traditional blog format.

On the page you can find:

  1. Our most popular articles

  2. Every guest interview we’ve done so far for the podcast

  3. The archive

  4. various subcategories

  5. and much more

Moving forward, we’ll be sending you special AP newsletters about every other day— meanwhile, the days not sent to your inbox will appear on our homepage so don’t forget to check us out at our website or our twitter.

Here’s what you missed yesterday

Design: The Windows XP Fightstick
Artist @kuhbaj created the “windows XP b l i s s”. Windows XP was released in October of 2001 which makes it’s rollout and iconic desktop wallpaper a chief example of Y2k Aesthetics. The arcade controller caught some additional buzz this month when it was shared on…
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Stay tuned. We’ve got some big projects in the works and some very exciting interviews coming to the podcast.

Also some insane new merch that we just can’t keep quiet about 🤭

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