Lost Media: AKIRA (Sega Mega Drive)

The Lost Files, Development Hell, Akira, 1994

Looking at a canceled game for one of the greatest Animes of all time. A relic from the 90s.

In 1988, Taito released an Akira adventure game for the Famicom exclusively in Japan. Another Akira game for the Atari Jaguar, Super NES, Genesis and Sega CD was being developed, but canceled along with prospects of another Akira title for the Game Boy and Game Gear handheld consoles. International Computer Entertainment produced a video game based on Akira for the Amiga and Amiga CD32 in 1994.

If you’re unfamiliar with how incredibly important Akira is to Anime, pop culture, and Arcadism— Check out our video below (narrated by Arkhaives)


See some of the gameplay posted below.


Enjoy the stop motion animation by Animist below…


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