A New Look for Arcade Press

Celebrating our new look for the future.

Firstly, we’d like to thank our amazing readers who open our newsletter and listen to the Arcade Press Podcast— we’ve couldn’t have done any of this without your support.

We’ve decided to take on a new look for Arcade Press. We’ve got a brand new/official logo in two variations. One is the “AP” and the other is the “Arc” logo.

AP ^

The “Arc” ^

The “Arc” represents the Arcades of old Paris —An architectural structure— a call to our Arcade origins.

Working with our designer, the brilliant Frgstn— we wanted something that felt ancient, tribal, but still futuristic.

Our hope is that this new look will allow Arcade Press to become more recognizable among the Fighting Game Community, Arcade Community, and greater video game scene.

We hope that this allows our readers to take more pride in our publication, consider becoming a paying member, or just share our work with a friend.

Regardless, we love our readers, we love the awesome guests we’ve got to have on our show, and we will get back in the groove of weekly posts after the weekend.

Please be sure to follow us on Twitter in case you haven’t already. And if you’re new here….welcome to Arcade Press

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