Kumagumi's New Batsugun-Inspired Collection

Kumagumi is back

Kumagumi's New Batsugun-Inspired Collection

Japanese clothing company Kumagumi is taking us back to the '90s arcade game era with their Batsugun capsule collection, launched in collaboration with Tatsujin Co., Ltd.

Kumagumi is renowned for their high-quality retro gaming apparel and this collection is no exception.

First released in 1993, Batsugun is often recognized as the pioneer in the bullet hell arcade video game genre. Now, Kumagumi is reviving the legendary game's spirit in a fresh, wearable fashion.

Batsugun – Hardcore Gaming 101

The brand is all set to pay homage to Batsugun with this exquisite collection that includes jackets, hats, tees, and even re-edition prints.

Waterproof 'Skull Hornets Coach Jacket'

'Iceman Tee'

lineup also features a giclée quality 'Batsugun Reedition Print' (and much more)

As always, Kumagumi's products come with the assurance of environmentally friendly production methods. They use only water-based inks and follow a localized production and shipment strategy to minimize environmental impact.

Kumagumi's Batsugun collection is a beautiful tribute to a game that marked a turning point in arcade video game history. It's not just about wearing a piece of gaming nostalgia, but also embracing a significant cultural shift that shaped an era of arcade gaming.

Whether you're a fan of the original game or just have an appreciation for retro gaming culture, the Batsugun collection offers a unique chance to wear something beyond fresh.

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