Justin Wong: How to Get Good

This is how you get better at fighting games...

Justin Wong: How to Get Good

Recently, pro fighting game legend Justin Wong shared a comprehensive 30-minute video that delves into the various aspects of mastering fighting games. Covering topics ranging from mindset and execution to the continuous growth of a player's knowledge, this video is a treasure trove for anyone looking to level up their skills. Below, you'll find a concise summary of the key takeaways, but we highly recommend watching the full video to truly elevate your game!

  1. Stop Button Mashing: Focus on pressing buttons intentionally and understanding the concept of canceling. This will help you perform combos more effectively.
  2. Practice Combos: Train against AI and use training mode to develop muscle memory for your combos. Remember to have both an optimal combo and a simpler tournament combo ready for different situations.
  3. Master Neutral Game and Stage Control: Gain control of the stage and dominate the ground game. Learn the range of your normals and use them effectively to whiff punish your opponent.
  4. Mind Games and Game Knowledge: Test your opponent's knowledge to gain information and predict their actions. Utilize pressure mix-ups, frame traps, and 50/50 situations to improve your offensive game.
  5. Defensive Pressure: Maintain your ground and look for opportunities to get back to the middle of the stage. Don't rush when you're losing; instead, play patiently and take little hits to eventually close the life gap.
  6. Overcoming Nerves: Formulate a game plan based on your opponent's knowledge and your own mind games. This will help you feel more confident and less nervous during high-pressure matches.

By focusing on these key areas, you'll be well on your way to improving your fighting game skills and dominating your opponents. Remember, practice makes perfect, and continual learning is the key to becoming a top player. Stay tuned for more tips and strategies in future issues, and happy gaming!=

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