Interview: Pressing Buttons with ENTH Creations

ENTH Tells Us About the Evolution of Their Fightstick Brand, Custom Buttons, and Beyond.

Interview: Pressing Buttons with ENTH Creations
KRM Buttons by ENTH

We've previously introduced our audience and the global FGC to ENTH, makers of remarkable arcade controllers. As new official partners with ENTH, we decided it was the perfect time for a follow-up interview to delve into their recent projects and the evolution of their iconic KRM buttons. Dive into this exclusive interview with ENTH below, and don't forget to explore their website for a chance to order your own fightstick or buttons.

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Arcade Press: Hey, how are you? It's been a while

ENTH: Tired but happy. We are closing a few orders and I can't wait to go on vacation for a couple of days. What about you, mate?

AP: All good here, thanks. What new stuff have you been working on since our last chat?

ENTH: Our last chat was before we finalized the NE series, the controllers made of plexiglass and 3d printed elements. It's been about a year. With the plexi controllers we have set our own new aesthetic standard, with the wiring in sight, extremely refined (thanks to Dante). We also collaborated with players in order to develop more complex layouts (Krck, Matoshiro) and functionalities.

In general, we have matured a lot in the last year. We also developed the Zero V2, the 3d printed controllers and then we worked for a year on the KRM, our buttons, which is perhaps the most important thing. It took us a year to finalize them, an incredible amount of work that really pushed us to the limit several times, but we made it. People really appreciate them. We also developed and refined several extra components, like balltops and custom usb breakouts.

If I look back at it, the past year was one most intense of my life.

AP: You’ve been playing SF6, I see. What are your impressions now that the game has been out for a while?

ENTH: SF6 was a tsunami that swept everyone. New fighting mechanics and new controls. I think it's a great game. Many have said that we are living in a new golden age of Fighting games. Probably so. The fighting games scene is progressively becoming more intercontinental, intercultural and global. I like that a lot. Gaming can let you discover new places and cultures. SF6 certainly plays an important role in this process.
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AP: We know that you have also collaborated with the Blitz Team— how did this partnership come about?

Blitz x Enth
Blitz x Enth
ENTH: The collaboration with Blitz came about very naturally. When you're a builder, you're often approached by teams seeking partnerships in a rather generic manner, accepting almost anything without truly understanding your product. In contrast, the folks at Blitz reached out to us after one of their players, Noel, independently purchased one of our controllers. They were genuinely fascinated and 'chose us' because our product impressed and surprised them. This became the essential premise for our collaboration. From that point onward, we worked closely together.

The Blitz team provided valuable feedback on how to enhance our products, including the suggestion to refine the shape of the KRMs caps, which we promptly worked on. They have been staunch supporters, and we have grown together. We crafted unique and beautifully engraved controllers for them, leaving our mark on their gaming experience.

In general, they are genuinely great individuals—spiritually grounded and a pleasure to work with. Team managers invested time and resources in outfitting the team with our controllers. I can only wish Blitz a long and successful journey.

AP: Which fighting games are you most excited about?

ENTH: In general I am a Street Fighter player but lately I have had a lot of fun with Strive as well. It's pure adrenaline. I wait for the release of Tekken 8 and MK1.
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AP: Since our last conversation, how has ENTH Creations evolved as a company? Have there been any significant changes or developments in your approach to design?

ENTH: Over the past year, I believe we have completed a significant cycle at ENTH, characterized by development, aesthetic research, and personal growth. We worked with nearly all available materials, excluding metal. Crafting objects meant for intensive use is no easy feat. We ventured into wood and plexiglass, designed PCBs, and perfected fully 3D-printed models, enhancing them with aesthetic finishes that have perhaps become a shared legacy, including engraved first-level details and textured sides.

We've also grown technically stronger and more aware...

Our buttons, KRMs, have made a notable impact...

In a highly competitive scene, KRMs have also been embraced by other builders, leading to fruitful collaborations with individuals like Basho, ABsticks, BattleMonkey, and more. It's gratifying to share visibility with fellow builders, even if they are competitors. This collaboration reduces tension and fosters friendships.

KRMs also provide enthusiasts with a taste of 'Enth,' allowing them to incorporate our products into their controllers without the need to purchase an entire unit. This flexibility has expanded our clientele and made us appear less exclusive. In this regard, it's fascinating to witness KRMs integrated into controllers worldwide, from the USA to Japan to New Zealand.

We've been fortunate to have customers who wholeheartedly support us—individuals who purchased three sets of KRMs to enhance their controllers, and others who acquired multiple complete controllers. When I speak about our clients, I must admit that we have encountered exceptionally supportive and patient individuals. Our ability to create something worthwhile is a result of their unwavering support, enabling us to continue our development.
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Sometimes we think of selling Enth, others of seeking partners with more capital, others of continuing to be small artisans, and others of closing everything.

AP: What is the future for ENTH?

ENTH: I have no idea, honestly. We are waiting for a moment to seriously think about it (and we will have to). We've laid the foundation for something that has become quite real, even in people's lives. Now we must understand what to do with it. For us, it is primarily an aesthetic, practical, and self-transforming journey. The design of objects has driven us to become passionate advocates of design itself. Design is a personal path to which a small circle of people fully dedicate themselves, facing significant sacrifices without giving up; it is a guild.

Sometimes we think of selling Enth, others of seeking partners with more capital, others of continuing to be small artisans, and others of closing everything.

I believe that in some way, we have contributed, in our own small way, to the development of the sector, and people are beginning to recognize this.

In the short term, we will continue to promote KRMS, hoping to produce them by injection molding someday. We are also finalizing the Atlas, our new model. The Atlas somehow synthesizes all our previous models, blending 3D, plexi, and wood, offering more internal space for complex builds while retaining the 'Enth' style. We hope players will like it.

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AP: Thank you so much, ENTH


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