GoldenLever ( is bringing some heat to EVO Japan

Chanchai, Virtua Fighter community head gives nod of approval for this new fightstick build.

GoldenLever ( is bringing some heat to EVO Japan

We've got some exciting news to share with you all about Arcade Stick Indonesia (ASI) and their latest project, the Project VB (Versus Buttons) that will be at EVO Japan this weekend. This thing isn't just another boring all-button controller, it's a game-changer! ASI has created an industry-leading arcade controller that offers a unique all-button layout with good finger spacing and even extra room for customization. Check out the videos to see the future of WASD in action!

Chanchai, the Competitive Virtua Fighter player from North America with a passion for building and helping gaming communities, and has given the input device a stamp of approval. Check out the videos above!

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