2024: Fighting Games in The Year of the Dragon

Let's dive into the major trends and titles shaping the landscape of fighting games this year.

2024: Fighting Games in The Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year, everyone! As we step into 2024, the Year of the Dragon, it's an exhilarating time for the world of fighting games. In this article, we'll delve briefly into the significant developments and exciting prospects on our radar for this dynamic industry, with a special nod to the legendary Dragon, Bruce Lee, whom we'll celebrate in a future post.

Ken Masters Character in MotM | World Anvil

Tekken 8: The Only New 3D Fighter

Tekken 8, slated for release this month, January 2024, is buzzing with anticipation. As the sole 3D fighting game in the current space, its arrival is monumental. With a legacy extending over seven years through Tekken 7, the franchise has been a cornerstone in fighting game culture. What sets Tekken 8 apart is its rich content, robust in-game infrastructure, and the array of choices for players.

However, the strategy of withholding guest character announcements pre-release suggests a shift towards focusing on the base roster, with a likely introduction of surprise DLC characters post-launch to keep the excitement brewing. Whoever the new fighters will be, they'll likely be some crossovers, which could impact broader pop culture even more.

Tekken 8 Roster: Here's every confirmed character

The trend of crossovers (Arcadism) remains pivotal. Speculation of guest characters from diverse universes like Mortal Kombat or even the Marvel Universe are potential game-changers for Tekken 8.

Crossover and Collabs

Uniqlo x Tekken

Tekken's past collaborations with luxury streetwear brands like Supreme and Japanese clothing company Uniqlo highlight an exciting blend of somewhat high and low culture. This approach not only enriches the game's universe but also broadens its appeal beyond traditional gaming audiences.

Expanding Collaborations in Street Fighter 6

Capcom's latest installment in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 6, is likely to further explore and expand its collaborative efforts. Building on the success of previous partnerships, such as the unique fusion with Nerd Clothing that creatively blended gaming with fashion and music, there's an anticipatory buzz around what's next.

This proactive approach towards collaborations not only enhances the game's appeal but also opens up a plethora of opportunities for cross-industry innovation. These collaborations could range from integrating other popular culture icons into the Street Fighter universe, to venturing into unexpected domains like luxury brands or other relevant technologies. Such moves are poised to significantly enrich the game's ecosystem (and it's in-game "metaverse" known as the Battle Hub) , making it more than just a fighting game, but a multifaceted platform for diverse creative expressions.

Evolving Content Creation in the Street Fighter Community

Parallel to this, there's a noticeable evolution happening among Street Fighter content creators. With years of experience and deepening expertise in the game, these creators are now pushing the boundaries of conventional content creation. They are not just playing the game; they are redefining the narrative around it. This involves being more creative and dynamic, exploring new forms of content that go beyond gameplay and strategy discussions. Creators are engaging in more open, collaborative discussions about enhancing their content creation processes, from leveraging advanced streaming technologies to incorporating storytelling elements that resonate with a broader audience. This collective effort towards innovation is transforming the content landscape, which could make it more engaging and diverse. It's not just about being better gamers, but about being more compelling storytellers and community builders, thus enriching the Street Fighter digital viewing experience for everyone involved.

The International Tekken Arms Race

2024 will be a showcase of global talent, with countries vying to establish dominance in Tekken. This 'arms race' will not only highlight the best players but also reflect the cultural diversity and unique styles of various regions. It's a competition that's as much about national pride as it is about gaming prowess.

Mortal Kombat 1: What's Next?

MK1: Kombat Pack on Steam

Mortal Kombat 1's future post-DLC release is a question mark. Will NRS Studios extend their support, or is 2024 the final chapter? The reported 50% discount on platforms like Steam raises concerns about the game's longevity and the studio's commitment to its development.

Saudi Arabia: A Rising Force in Esports

Initiatives like Saudi Arabia's Gamers8, is becoming a significant player in esports. The region's investment in futuristic and sustainable city projects mirrors its ambition in esports. We're keen to observe how this region shapes the fighting game landscape and cultivates new talent.


As we embrace 2024, the year of the dragon, the fighting game industry promises a blend of innovation, collaboration, and global competition. From Tekken 8's potential dominance to the creative expansions of Street Fighter 6 and the uncertain future of Mortal Kombat 1, there's much to look forward to.

Keep your eyes on Arcade Press as we continue to explore these developments and more in the ever-evolving world of fighting games! Thanks for reading!