Babe Ruthless: In Conversation

Cosplay, Fighting Game Stages, and Labbing Kazuya

Babe Ruthless: In Conversation

In the dynamic world of gaming, where passion and creativity intersect, Babe Ruthless stands out as a remarkable talent. With a keen focus on the elements that make fighting games truly special, she dives deep into the magic of fighting game stages (among other things).

From meticulously crafted stages to the evocative musical scores, Babe Ruthless leaves no stone unturned in her exploration of these digital realms. She also sheds light on the real-world historical influences that give life to our beloved fictional universes.

Each of her videos reflects an unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and an undeniable charm that places her amongst some of our fav creators. Her talents extend beyond the screen, as her cosplay artistry showcases her multifaceted creative abilities. With several years of dedicated involvement in the world of fighting game content, she has honed her expertise and developed a keen eye for detail.

We had the privilege of catching up with this brilliant mind to learn more about her excitement for the ever-evolving world of fighting games, her current fav games, and the motivation that drives her creative journey. Dive into our exclusive interview with Babe Ruthless below, and discover what makes her an outstanding presence in the gaming community.

AP: Hi, Babe Ruthless, how’ve you been?

Babe Ruthless: Hello! I've been great, hopefully you as well.

AP: I’ve been great. I’m a big admirer of your work. How did you get started in making such detailed videos?

Babe: I'm so happy to hear that, thank you! That's a good question though, I've actually been making videos since early 2019, but I never uploaded any of them. I had even fully completed and edited around 4 videos. My first video was about the MisAdventures of Tron Bonne, since that was one of my favorite games growing up. That being said, I thought all 4 videos were kind of shitty and didn't feel confident putting them out for people to see, even if it was just to my close friends. So I sat on these videos for a while, wrote down different ideas for new ones, but didn't do anything with them until my close friends convinced me otherwise. The reason I specifically chose to make videos about fighting game stages was because my friends would always choose the random stage select in fighting games, and I would always get mad because I felt like they didn't care about the stage at all. And I feel like most people in the FGC have a similar attitude. I also saw no one else was making videos like this, beyond talking about Smash Bros or a few select Desk videos. So I thought why not add my own voice to the conversation? The Misadventures of Tron Bonne : Video Games

AP: Can you tell us about your first fighting game? Your first video game?

Babe: My first fighting game is debatable. When growing up, my parents bought a SNES and PS1 at a yard sale for me and my sibling. On the SNES, we had Street fighter 2 - The New Challengers and Tekken 2 on PS1. I loved these games and was really taken in by the characters, lore, and of course stages in both these games. I wish my first video game was something cool but it was Mario's Fun with Numbers. I think my parents were just like ehhh let's get something educational and that way the kids will maybe learn something.
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Video Game 1993) - IMDb

AP: What games are you currently playing these days?

Babe: When I play games for myself, I usually flip flop between different genres and titles. Right now I'm going back and forth between Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and labbing Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Every month I try to lab an older game that people don't play much anymore and understand the meta. Part of the reason I do this is to get ideas for future videos, but the other part is really seeing how these games have changed over the years. In addition to fighting games, I also play a lot of JRPGs and rhythm games.
David's Retro Rewind - Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006)

AP:What fighting game are you most excited about in the future? Tekken 8? Project L? Something else?

Babe: It would be an understatement to say that there's a lot of fighting game content coming out soon, so it's hard to pick. That being said, I'm super excited to play the single player modes in MK1. However Tekken is one of my favorite fighters ever and I loved the beta! When Tekken 8 comes out, I'm going to binge the story mode and start labbing with Jun and Kazuya ASAP.

AP: Your videos must take a lot of time to create. Who or what inspires you the most?

Babe: My videos certainly take a long ass time to make, but thankfully I do enjoy the process. In particular I really like writing, scripting, and recording footage. When I edit though, I'm constantly cringing at the sound of my own voice, but who doesn't? As far as inspirations go, I have a lot. Some are my close friends who got me to start the channel in the first place, but in terms of creators, there are several that come to mind. One is TheGamingBritShow, who doesn't even really talk about fighting games. He primarily breaks down certain series like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, etc. His writing and voicing is incredible to say the least. Even when I wildly disagree with his opinion on a game, I can't deny the evidence he has for why he thinks the way he does. The other is primarily a fighting game youtuber, GuileWinQuote. His channel often talks about the super niche aspects of fighting games that I love the most. For example, I loved his video on the Tekken handheld games, and his other video on Outfoxies, the first platform fighter. His videos are so well researched and polished, and I really appreciate how he goes the extra mile for every single video he creates. These channels have a big impact on how I write my scripts and what videos I choose to make.

AP: What else are you working on these days? What else should our audience know about you?

Babe: In terms of what I'm working on now, there are a few bigger videos in the works. One is non-stage related, and the other one is on a fighting game series I've only briefly touched on in the channel before. I've been alternating video topics by doing one that talks about a stage, and then putting out a video that covers non-stage aspects of fighting games. Outside of youtube, I cosplay pretty frequently. Lately I've been focusing on cosplaying characters from fighting games, which I've neglected to do so for too long. I actually used to focus primarily on instagram, but now I mostly focus on youtube. I'm also normally kind of shy so if anyone runs into me at a con, I apologize in advance for being a nervous wreck [laughs].

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