Arcade Press is a pioneering media and business strategy company with a specialized focus on fighting games, esports, and arcade culture.

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum including news media, press coverage, event activations, and strategic consulting. We are passionately dedicated to helping companies navigate and engage with the complex and vibrant world of esports, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic fighting game community.

Our innovative concept, 'Arcadism', epitomizes our dedication to exploring the unique intersections of gaming, art, and history within the gaming industry.

At Arcade Press, we offer exclusive connections and insights into the most influential figures in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). Our content ranges from in-depth interviews with key personalities to showcasing the intricate artwork of fightsticks, and delving into the compelling narratives that define the global FGC Esports landscape.

In partnership with ENTH CREATIONS, we reinforce our commitment to not only elevating the culture of fighting games but also celebrating its diverse community.


Arcas Labs is a creative agency deeply rooted in the foundational aspects of arcade culture, including community engagement, technological innovation, "offline" events, strategic thinking, information dissemination, and the spirit of sharing. With Arcade Press, we aim to enlighten our audience about the dynamic evolution of the fighting game community. Meanwhile, Arcas Labs leverages our deep understanding of this transformative culture—originally sparking the dawn of communal technology experiences—to assist companies across various sectors in expanding their operations.

We help brands communicate their ideas effectively and strategize to make unique experiences for their audience.