2 Million Dollars on Street Fighter 6

This is Huge

2 Million Dollars on Street Fighter 6

Capcom Pro Tour Announces Largest Prize Pool in FGC History

Fighting game fans, get ready because the Capcom Pro Tour has just announced the largest prize pool in FGC history! With over $2 million in total earnings and an incredible $1 million going to the first-place overall winner, this is a game-changer for the genre. The announcement puts the event up there with some of the biggest esports events around, and it's time for the FGC to finally be taken seriously.

Even legendary fighting game champion Justin Wong is considering pivoting from content creation to competition— and it's not just Street Fighter veterans getting in on the action, even Tekken champion BOOK is considering joining the fray.

With Street Fighter 6 taking over as the main exclusive spot on the Pro Tour, players can expect new and improved features that will attract an entirely new generation of players into the fold. Street Fighter V has officially come to an end.

Plus, with the netcode vastly improved over the previous entry, the competition is sure to be fierce both online and offline.

The future of fighting games esports is looking insanely good right now. The FGC is going through a monumental transformation, and other games in the genre will need to follow suit in order to remain legitimate. Great fights, great games, and big money are on the line, and we can't wait to see who comes out on top!

Capcom Cup IX concluded, with BANDITS|MenaRD emerging as the winner of the Grand Finals, becoming the first two-time Capcom Cup Champion. MenaRD hails from the Dominican Republic and plays Luke, Birdie, and Sakura. He has earned $135,500 in the Capcom tour to date. Congrats MenaRD!!!!

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